CTMR Communications Officer
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CTMR Communications Officers explored which support may be given together to the people on Merseyside during this current crisis. 

Communications Officers within the Merseyside Region met on-line with the following officers participating:  Phil Jump (NW Baptists – Chair CTMR);  Joy Aldred (URC – Mersey Synod);  Stuart Haynes (Diocese of Liverpool); Peter Heneghan (Archdiocese of Liverpool);  Jim Butterworth (Diocese of Chester);  Pete Wildman (Methodist District) with apologies from Luisa Dawe  (Salvation Army) .
They discussed initial proposals from Church Leaders in relation to communications during the Covid-19 Lockdown.       

Generating a sense of local identity
Recognising that there is a huge amount of on-line material being generated it seemed important to offer some appropriate reminders to be mindful and discerning in our consumption of online material.
Officers are offering a “One stop” location with links to contents, produced or curated by the constituent partners. All are encouraged to use this opportunity and the online resources available to learn more about each other’s traditions.

A New Webpage 
A new CTMR web-page with a message from Church Leaders offers links to various hosting sites of CTMR partners. This points to locations that would normally be updated and maintained as a matter of course. 

A New Facebook Page
A new CTMR Facebook page is a location where various partners offer invitations and information through the press/communications representatives. It is accessible to the public but not be open to public posts. 

Looking to the Future
Some significant conversation took place around what churches do once this is over. In particular the conversation reflected on:
- The theological and social significance of gathered community – how will this have been impacted and affected?
- Ministry to those who have previously been excluded because of mobility/health issues etc. how can they remain connected?
- Missional responses to those who have been attracted by online services etc.