Young Adults Invite

"Come and see!" "This is something to look forward to"

September 2021 new

To find out what else young adults say about the group, please follow this link.

CTMR regularly hosts wonderful gatherings of young adults aged 18+ from across Merseyside. Before the pandemic,  they were immensely enriched by visiting places of worship of a variety of denominations. The group felt that this gave them new insights as well as new experiences of various expressions of Church.

It has been wonderful that since lock-down they were able to meet on-line every fortnight and now that restrictions have eased they are holding hybrid meetings. 
The group wish to share their experience and continue to work out what form and shape their gatherings should take as they move along.  They hope to continue visiting various denominations. The young adults are very grateful to have the opportunity to discuss, reflect, relax and pray together. This helps them appreciate and value their own denomination as well as developing respect and understanding of others.

If you would like to simply find out more or would like to be part of the group, please contact: Veronica or get in touch with the CTMR office.