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Young Adults say: 'Come and join us!"

"This is something to look forward to"

Over the past 2 years Churches Together in the Merseyside Region (CTMR) brought together a gathering of young adults aged 18+ with different experiences from right across our traditions. At present they meet fortnightly online to continue their journey in faith and friendship.  This is what they say about their gatherings: 'It is one of the highlights during lock down' , 'I love our meetings'.

“The CTMR Group is filled with the most amazing and wonderful [people]. Since the beginning, it has grown and become more than just a group of young adults but a family! ... This group is something I have been missing and … [it] is so important … to find people of a similar age to grow and learn together!" Rebecca

“Having been raised in an atheistic society (Soviet Union), I am grateful to be part of this group, members of which eagerly profess their Christian faith. It is a great joy to see young people from different Christian backgrounds coming together, sharing their gifts and creating a community that transcends denominational borders.”  Taras, a young priest

"Being part of the CTMR group has been such a wonderful experience. I have the opportunity to meet, learn, and socialize with Christians from other denominations and it's been great knowing that there are other people with whom I can share my faith with!" Cynthia

‘This is something to look forward to during COVID-19”. Peter

The group would be delighted to welcome other young adults aged 18+ to come and join the zoom meetings. If you would like to know more, please contact Veronica by emailing her at veronica@ctmr.org.uk or contact Elisabeth at the CTMR office by ringing/sending a message to 07394 075 951 (WhatsApp is fine).