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Support for Asylum Seekers (SAS) is a  Destitution Project co-ordinated by CTMR, providing humanitarian and well-being assistance to people seeking asylum and refuge. It is supported by local Christian churches on Merseyside in collaboration with a number of local partner agencies who actually deliver the services to some
of the most marginalised people in our community.

SAS's main role is to raise funds through the CTMR network of churches, faith groups and individuals and then to make financial contributions to enable our partner agencies to target support for destitute clients.

The main partner agencies are Asylum Link Merseyside (AIM), Faiths4Change, and also Refugee Women Connect (RWC). SAS also receive occasional referrals for destitute individuals who present themselves at local food banks, or through other contacts.

Humanitarian support includes provision of hot breakfasts and lunches, emergency accommodation, personal emergency support grants, travel grants for appointments to tribunals, court hospital etc.

Well-being support includes supervised respite periods at allotments and gardens, days out to the city sights including museums and galleries, visits to the beach and waterfront, visits to the cinema or theatre.

Advocacy is also available for people who have been refused status in UK, are rendered homeless and have no access to public funds. This is a crucial time for them and the SAS project helps to alleviate their plight while their case is being investigated....."