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Welcome to the website for Churches Together in the Merseyside Region (CTMR), or 'Merseyside', for short. CTMR is an umbrella body to serve the churches working together. Our Lord's prayer "May they be one that the world may believe" is the key - Christian unity exists to enable more effective mission in the world.

Looking for new Treasurer

CTMR is looking to recruit a new treasurer. Duties include paying invoices, reconciling ledger with bank statements, liaising with CTMR Accountants over payroll issues and preparing financial documentation for accountants to complete annual accounts. In addition, the treasurer attends meetings of the CTMR Management Council which currently meets for a couple of hours three times each year. It is estimated that the current workload requires about three hours per month. Please sue this email link to get in touch if you are interested.  

It was a celebration to be able to meet Christian from many different denominations at the CTE Forum.
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