Local Ecumenical Partnerships 

Working together more and more?

Local Ecumenical Partnerships and other local co-operative working

Around our region there are over twenty worshipping congregations, bringing together different traditions.  These LEPs (Local Ecumenical Partnerships) have a formal written agreement affecting the ministry, congregational life, buildings and/or mission projects of more than one denomination, with authorization by the appropriate denominational authorities and the registration of the agreement with CTMR. 

LEPs open up opportunities for sharing resources and mission initiatives – they also throw up their own questions and challenges.  We’re here to offer advice, or point in the direction of others who can.

If you’re at an earlier stage we’re here to help too. Maybe you’re working with Christians of other traditions on a particular project, or you’re finding that you are planning or praying or dreaming together, then you may be wondering how to take the next steps.  At what point do you need to put something on paper?  What would be appropriate for you? What will strengthen your partnership at this stage?  Who do you need to talk to?  Are there others doing something like this? 

Churches Together in England have created 'A Flexible Framework for Local Unity' which helps with questions like this.  Please get in touch.

Andrew Edwards, LEP Co-ordinator for CTMR, Tel: 0151 203 9117
To contact Andrew, please click here